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The workbook journal is a safe and private place to practice using your words and art to learn to understand your feelings and empowering ways to respond to stress and anxiety.



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The workbook journal has been created as a companion piece to the arts and well-being Brave Art for Youth program but kids don’t need to take the course to partake in their own personal and artistic revolution.

The workbook journal is a fun place to practice using their words and art to learn to understand their feelings and empowering ways to respond to stress and anxiety.

The first 16 colorful pages not only feature inspiring artwork but also includes pointed discussions on topics such as being courageous when faced with bullying, communication tips and good ideas for setting intentions.

There are also five art project prompts and the second half of the workbook has 70 pages of 50lb paper which is ideal for writing about their thoughts and feelings and also making a happy mess with multi-media art making.

It makes a great gift that encourages young people that their feelings and thoughts do matter and the earlier they start using tools to navigate through life’s tough moments, the more resilient and happy they will be as young adults.

Heavy card cover, Spiral Bound, 16 colour pages of  mindfulness conversations and artwork, 70 pages of multi media paper for art making
Measures 8.5 x 7”
86 pages total

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Weight 2.18 kg
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