Teachers E-Course: Lesson 5

Lesson #5 – Mindful Heart, Mindful Life 

“Gratitude, Setting Intentions, What Next?”

In the final lesson, we will talk about gratitude, self-management, social awareness and patience. They’ll read from the workbook on the topics of meditation, gratitude, setting intentions and determining one’s life path. They’ll also watch a contemplation video titled “Be Kind, Be Grateful.” and the meditation of the day will be the “Mountain Meditation.”

The final art video will be “Planning and Completing a Composition.” This will be the largest art project of the program as it is encouraged that they work on a 16 x 20 or so sized canvas for their “Inspiration Board.” The Art Video will help students choose harmonious colours, placing and designing sentiments, glazing, stencil making and more.

To finish up the week after clean-up, review the last page of the workbook journal titled, “What Next?” which suggests ways to take the teachings of the program into their homes.