Teachers E-Course: Lesson 3

Lesson #3 – Mindful Heart, Mindful Life

“Being Courageous when Faced With Bullying, Selfie Culture”

In lesson #3, we turn our attention to the importance of setting boundaries online and the negative consequences if one is not posting/responding responsibly and the value of self-empowerment. They’ll read about being courageous when faced with bullying and selfie culture and also watch a video on the same topic.

The art project for this lesson will be learning how to draw a Superhero. The students will learn to build up the human form by drawing loose circles, noticing shapes and using navigation points to reference from. They also have the option to just continue with their abstract art using words and quotes to cultivate empowerment and confidence.

In this lesson the skill-building topics are: Responsible decision-making, confidence, empowerment.

The healing Bubbles Meditation is the meditation of the day.