Teachers E-Course: Lesson 2

Lesson #2 – Mindful Heart, Mindful Life 

“Kindness and Compassion”

In lesson #2, students will read about anxiety, self-kindness and making sure that we love ourselves, even on bad hair days. They’ll review a video on self-kindness and compassion and be introduced to the empowering, “Mountain Meditation.”

The art project for this lesson will be “Drawing the Self-Portrait” of which the video tutorial will be introduced. Some students may even choose to do a funny self-portrait or they have the option to just continue with their abstract art using words in the theme of self kindness. There is a ten page “BAFY Inspirational Quotes” PDF and a “Funny Faces” images PDF which they can cut and paste into their artwork at the “Cutting Station” described in the Teacher’s introduction video. These can be used for the rest of the week.

You can access those resources over on the Resources page of the member site.

In this lesson the skill-building topics are: communication, inner-conflict resolution, setting good intentions.