Teacher’s Program – $599 including BAFY journals


The Brave Art for Youth e-course is perfect for teachers who want to implement further exploration of Social Emotional learning to cultivate mindfulness and inner well-being in their students.

This e-course is designed to empower youth while teaching them about topics such as self-awareness and being a good friend. When combined with an intuitive approach to painting through video tutorials, you’ll see your students flourish and learn new skills that will last a lifetime.



*This program option includes purchase of the Brave Art workbook journals for a typical classroom size of 28 students.Shipping is an additional cost extra depending on your location. Please inquire with the Brave Art team if you have a special request of fewer students or several classrooms.

Are you a teacher who wants to provide a unique and creative art class to your students? 

The Brave Art for Youth e-course is perfect for those who want to explore a transformational approach to cultivating mindfulness and inner well-being while supplementing their current art curriculum or life skills.

This e-course is designed to empower youth while teaching them about topics such as self-awareness and being a good friend. When combined with an intuitive approach to painting through video tutorials, you’ll see your students flourish and learn new skills that will last a lifetime.

Young artists, generally over the age of 10, who want to take their drawing and painting skills to the next level, in addition to learning meditation practices, will learn abstract painting, drawing and painting the portrait, superheroes and elephants.

* * *

About the Brave Art for Youth Program

* * *

Brave Art for Youth is an arts and mindfulness program.

This means that it brings together the art of mindfulness, adventures in creativity and an easy introduction to meditation. The program is ideal for teachers who wish to introduce a tradition of SEL programs in their classrooms or who may be looking to enhance their existing programs to create deeper impact. This is also a fun program for moms to do with their kids so they can explore this journey of mindfulness together, making it that much more impactful in the student’s home life.

Brave Art for Youth is a five lesson/three hour a day program but can be flexible in its implementation.

When you purchase the Brave Art for Youth program, your introduction will include a “Lesson Sequence” guide, videos tutorials on “How to Run an Art Class” which includes tips on how to support creativity in your students. As someone who has delivered this material to students for years, I have perfected the class structure and flow and am passing that on to you, the teacher, to create maximum impact in your classroom.

For individuals and homeschoolers, the Brave Art Workbook Journal serves as the backbone of the program where students learn that it is a private place to process their feelings with drawing or writing about their day to day experiences. The daily topics discussed and read together each day correlate to the day’s “Contemplation” video and from there, art is the tool for cultivating empowerment and a sense of fun adventure.


Here’s What One Teacher Had to Say…

This program has given my students an excellent opportunity to reflect on who they are.
I think a lot of kids don’t have a way to express themselves in such a safe and creative way
so Brave Art gives kids an opportunity to do just that.”

– Grade 7 Teacher, Shelley L., Whistler, BC, Canada

* * *

The Five Day Lesson Sequence

* * *

To give you an idea of what topics are covered in each lesson, I’ve broken them down for you here. Each day consists of watching: a “Contemplation” video, a meditation video, an art demonstration video and reading the correlating pages in the workbook journal.

Then it is art-making time!

The flexible aspect is if you can allocate 1.5 hours of art making time but if it can only be an hour, that is fine as well. Each class should include 15 minutes of cleanup followed by conversations about what was the most important thing they learned and what they liked most about their art.


Here’s What a Few of My Students Had to Say…

“The best part of this Brave Art class was learning that
you don’t have to dress all beautiful to fit in.”
~ Avery

“The best part of this Brave Art class was that I could draw whatever I wanted.
The most important think I learned was how to draw my feelings on paper
and to love myself no matter what others think about me.”
~ Sasha

“In this class I not only learned more about art but more about the importance of
self-confidence, sharing happiness and awareness of my feelings.”
~ Claire

“My favourite part of class was we got to choose what we drew, painted or coloured.
The most important thing I learned was that it’s okay to make mistakes
and to forgive myself in a problem

~ Evie

“The most important thing that I learned was
how to let loose and express my feelings.”
~ Geyenne

* * *


Lesson #1 – Mindful Heart, Mindful Life

“What is Mindfulness, We are Energy, My Body is Smart.”

In this lesson the skill-building topics are: self-reflection, meditation, self-awareness and intention setting. I introduce the concept of learning to watch in awareness all the feelings and thoughts and how sensitive their physical bodies are and how they respond to energy in their environments.

The art portion of this lesson introduces an art therapy project called “Star of Balance” in which they’ll explore abstract art effects with collage, scrapers, stamping with toilet paper rolls, bubble wrap and drips to honor and place the words that came up in the Bubbles Meditation.


Lesson #2 – Mindful Heart, Mindful Life

“Kindness and Compassion”

In lesson #2, we’ll read about anxiety, self-kindness and making sure that we love ourselves, even on bad hair days. We’ll review a video on self-kindness and compassion and be introduced to the empowering, “Mountain Meditation.”

The art project for this lesson will be “Drawing the Self-Portrait” of which the video tutorial will be introduced in simple steps. Some students may even choose to do a funny self-portrait or they have the option to just continue with their abstract art using words in the theme of self kindness. There is a ten page “BAFY Inspirational Quotes” PDF and a “Funny Faces” images PDF which they can cut and paste into their artwork at the “Cutting Station” described in the Teacher’s introduction video. These an be used for the rest of the week.

In this lesson the skill-building topics are: communication, inner-conflict resolution, setting good intentions

For individual artists, these PDF’s are also included in your subscription.


Lesson #3 – Mindful Heart, Mindful Life

“Being Courageous when Faced With Bullying, Selfie Culture”

In lesson #3, we turn our attention to the importance of setting boundaries online and the negative consequences if one is not posting/responding responsibly and the value of self-empowerment. We’ll read about being courageous when faced with bullying and selfie culture. We’ll also watch a video on the same topic.

The art project for this lesson will be learning how to draw a Superhero. The students will learn to build up the human form by drawing loose circles, noticing shapes and using navigation points to reference from. They also have the option to just continue with their abstract art using words and quotes to cultivate empowerment and confidence.

In this lesson the skill-building topics are: Responsible decision-making, confidence, empowerment. The healing Bubbles Meditation is the meditation of the day.


Lesson #4 – Mindful Heart, Mindful Life

“Communicating Heartfully”

In lesson #4, the skill-building topics will be self-management and social skills. We’ll learn more about communicating heartfully, sensitively and confidently. We’ll also watch a video titled “Mindful Communication” which will set the tone for the art project. The healing Bubbles Meditation is the meditation of the day.

The art project and art tutorial video for this lesson is learning how to “Draw and Paint Elephants.” Or they have the option to just continue with their own artwork ideas using words of confidence building.


Lesson #5 – Mindful Heart, Mindful Life

“Gratitude, Setting Intentions, What Next?”

In the final lesson, we will talk about gratitude, self-management, social awareness and patience. We’ll read from the workbook on the topics of meditation, gratitude, setting intentions and determining one’s life path. We’ll also watch a contemplation video titled
“Be Kind, Be Grateful.” And the meditation of the day will be the “Mountain Meditation.”

The final art video will be “Planning and Completing a Composition.” This will be the largest art project of the program as it is encouraged that they work on a 16 x 20 or so sized canvas for their “Inspiration Board.” The Art Video will help students choose harmonious colors, placing and designing sentiments, glazing, stencil making and more.

To finish up the week after clean-up, review the last page of the workbook journal titled,
“What Next?” which suggests ways to take the teachings of the program into their homes.

As you can see, this program contains everything you need to facilitate a world-class art program right in your classroom, whether in a school or at home.

* * *

What’s Included in the
Brave Art for Youth Program

* * *

When you purchase the program, I’ll make sure that you feel supported through the entire process. Whether you have a classroom setting or a home-schooling setting, you’ll find the materials useful.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you’ll get in the Brave Art for Youth program:

  • One-year access to the online classroom
  • 5 content-rich art demonstration videos including drawing and painting the portrait in acrylics
  • 5 Contemplation videos
  • 2 new video Meditations
  • A very thorough and supportive “Teacher’s Orientation” video to help you set up and manage an art class as well as how to care and use your art supplies.
  • Cost conscious suggestions for art supply purchases and fundraising ideas.
  • An “Inspirational Artwork” video to help students see what other artists have done in this program to help them get ideas
  • A Brave Art workbook journal for each student
  • A detailed list of required art supplies
  • 2 downloadable, 9-minute audio meditations
  • 1 optional 15-minute live call scheduled at your convenience for teachers only.
  • PDF downloads of inspirational quotes, music note paper, collage imagery and helpful self-expression phrases for students to use in their artwork
  • PDF downloads of the “Star of Balance” art project, “Drawing the Portrait” and “Drawing and Painting the Elephant” art demonstrations.
  • PDF downloads of Contemplation transcripts.
  • PDF download of 10 pages of inspirational quotes.
  • PDF of funny face clipart for pasting onto artwork.

All of the materials listed above can be accessed through our members-only dashboard immediately after purchasing the program.

You can come back to it as often as you like to download the materials and watch the orientation videos.

* * *

Ready to Bring Brave Art for Youth
to Your Classroom?

* * *

If you’re ready to help your students learn new skills of self-awareness, discover how meditation can settle emotions and how to be good friends to themselves and each other, register for the program now.

You’ll get instant access to our members-only dashboard and you can download the materials and plan out your classes instantly.

* * *

About Michelle Yamamoto,
Your Brave Art for Youth Facilitator

* * *

I’ve been a professional artist for the past 20 years and it was at my solo surf art show where I was invited to teach skateboard art in West Seattle four years ago that first sparked my love of teaching art.

I discovered that I was good at sharing what I know about the creative process so I started traveling to Canada, Oregon and in Washington teaching adults Intuitive art journaling and drawing and painting the portrait, fashion art and skateboard art to youth. It was when I was teaching a group of at-risk youth in 2013 that it came clear to me that I have more to offer than just facilitating creativity and so the first draft of the Brave Art for Youth workbook journal began to take shape.

From 1990 and for the next 12 years, I lived in China, Malaysia and the Philippines it was in Manila where I studied with Master Li Jun Feng. He taught me how to cultivate happy chi in my body, a Sheng Zhen practice that I taught for many years there, in Canada and in the United States.

Then 9 years ago I started studying with “The Dhyan Vimal Institute of Higher Learning” in Canada and Malaysia and I learned that living a life obsessing about myself and my little bubble of reality is a very small way to live. So last year, I took the teachings about mindfulness and meditation and created the content for the Brave Art workbook so that my students could be reminded of the many tools of self-awareness and healing that are available to them. I then created the art program, lecture content and started traveling with it and what an amazing year it has been.

It has been enormously rewarding to see the fabulous responses my in-person teachings have received and that is what has inspired the e-course. It is my hope that more kids can harness these tools for maturity and happiness so that they may blossom into beautiful adults.

Learn more about my work at www.braveartforyouth.com.


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