Our Affiliate Program

Thank you so much for your interest in our brand new Brave Art For Youth Affiliate Program.

If you are wondering, “What exactly is an Affiliate Program?” we’ve got you covered. Basically, when you sign up for the program, you’re given a unique affiliate link that points people directly to the Brave Art for Youth website.

When someone signs up for the course using your link, you get 20% of what they pay for the course. If they have a coupon code for a reduced course, you’ll receive 20% of that reduced rate.

Just like that. Cash into your PayPal.

We like to think you might use this money for buying more art supplies and more creative adventures!

We believe the BraveArtforYouth.com course is an extraordinary adventure in painting and life, and we’re grateful to have you help us spread the good word and inspire more people around the world to join the Brave Art Tribe.

Your affiliate payment will be paid to your PayPal account in the middle of every month for all the sales you have generated that month. Please note the Terms & Conditions outlined here.

The course is sold in US dollars and affiliate payments are made in US dollars via Paypal. The actual equivalent in your currency will depend on the Paypal exchange rate on the day of payment. (PayPal will make the conversion for you).

Please feel free to share our promotional video below as one great way to introduce the course to your friends. When sharing the video, please use this link: www.braveartforyouth.com.