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How did Brave Art For Youth Come About

It was in 2010 when I was teaching skateboard art to a group of at-risk youth that it came clear to me that I have more to offer than just facilitating creativity with my Fine Art teachings. 

Before all of this, I lived in China, Malaysia and the Philippines for 12 years and it was in Manila in 2000 where I studied with Master Li Jun Feng and he taught me how to cultivate happy chi with a Sheng Zhen practice that I then went on to teach for many years internationally. 

Then, I started studying meditation with the Dhyan Vimal Academy and I learned that living a life obsessing about myself and my little bubble of reality is a very small way to live. So I took the mindfulness and meditation teachings and created the content for the Brave Art for Youth art program and workbook journal so that my students could be reminded of the many tools available to cultivate self-awareness, resilience and healing that are available to them.

I have taught this program at my school “Art Circle” middle schools in Canada, Washington and at Wildwood Academy and for Arts In Education of the Gorge in Hood River, Oregon.




It has been enormously rewarding to see my students get excited about meditation and expressing their feelings through art. It is my hope that more kids can harness these tools for maturity and happiness so that they may blossom into beautiful, resilient  adults.


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