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Brave Art for Youth is a dynamic mindfulness e-course that uses art and conversation to reinforce the goals and standards of Social Emotional Learning initiatives schools may have in place. 


In the program, we cover just a few of the hot topics that our youth are encountering in their daily lives: empowerment, non-violent communication, selfie-culture and bullying, to name a few. Brave Art for Youth also introduces meditation and empowering intention setting practices, which then serves as a backbone of support in the daily lives of the students who take the program.


Through the Brave Art Workbook journal, pre-recorded videos and live video chats, your child or student(s) will move through an extensive art program that will teach and inspire them to be more creative and more mindful. This program provides teachers with all of the preparation materials needed to hold an art class without having an art teacher present. Home schoolers and parents can also use these tools at home to create a really rich and connected experience.

Get Beautifully Messy with Brave Art for Youth Now

Welcome to Brave Art for Youth!

At the beginning of this e-course, the teachers/education facilitators will have a 15 minute Orientation module which explains about how to set up the work stations, look after art supplies and a five page PDF aids in preparation and implementation of the program. An “Inspirational Images” (previous student’s art work) slide show to further help facilitate the creative process can be a great support to students having difficulties creating new ideas.

There are five “Contemplations” video chats, two ten minute meditations and five art demonstrations which are designed to help students cultivate healthy relationships with themselves and others and take their art skills to the next level.

The healing benefits of using art, the written word and learning about inner well-being helps youth identify and process negative emotions and promote self-healing.

Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve seen in doing this work:

Children feel less upset about something that has happened in their day or life.

They feel more empowered and are able to reach their goals more easily.

They connect to the essence of who they really are to further instill the elements of trust and strength into their being.

Please email me if you have any questions about the online version and if it is right for you.

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